We are excited to announce an upcoming POST SDC expansion, “Sullen Keep”

This area will be for levels 85-90, and will be geared towards a “mini boss” experience than a large “Lair Creature” experience. There are some new twists on damage types, lots of levels, quests, armor and progression that we think will be enjoyable to both soloers and group adventurers.

We are at the point where we need player feedback on create damage, combat experience etc.. but aren’t ready to put final itemization on the creatures themselves. For this reason we are going to “bring the expansion up” soon to see what tweaks need to be made.

This will be a free expansion to all NL scenarios, ( initially it will be available in the Plat NL just for manageability ).
We are looking to bring it up for feedback on or near 1/22 ( may be sooner, may be later ).

The Drakkar Team