Enter a new realm, a land of danger and mystery. Enter Aleria, where the first in is the first to die…. 

Finri packs his pipe and lights it. Easing into his seat next to the fireplace, he begins his tale.  

“Come, gather ’round once again, ye mighty. Urmak the Boatman has returned to me with tales of Aleria. A terrible war rages across its lands. Duke Talinar has rallied the Forces of Light to his banner, but equal is the call from the dread Lord Koss to his Minions of Darkness. Little information has he gathered so far, except that heroes of all colors, of Light of Darkness and of the Grey Mists, are preparing for the day when Mayor Dagano gives his nod to Urmak, to begin the great ferry to Aleria. Undoubtedly, he will choose those with the Honor of Ratburrow to make the perilous crossing. What we do know from Urmak’s fearful chattering is that a mighty war rages between the Citadel and the dread Tower of Koss. Where there is war, there is gold and glory… and early death. If that is what you seek, then I bid you go and sharpen your blade and your wits. You will need them both to prevail in Aleria!”