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    Primal PARTY in Primal Aleria!

    21 October 2017 , by blineberger

    Crazy weekend in Primal Aleria – Testing new multiple friends party bonuses in Primal Aleria – Earn exp up to level 97 – Earn random Platinum while playing! – Crazy Exp and Skill gain! – Limited instances per player! – Bring those friends in! (And sidekick party them if they are too little!) Top

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    New Quirk Levels!

    5 September 2017 , by blineberger

    New cross scenario quirk increases! – Experimental attempt to increase the number of levels (and power) many quirks can have. – Download the latest client! https://www.drakkarzone.com/downloads/DrakkarLobbyInstaller.exe ** We have started with regular quirks and some of the class quirks, mainly dealing with combat, please check them out...

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    New Daily Bonus Feature!

    17 August 2017 , by blineberger

    New Daily Play Bonus available in Nork 2! Simply take your character to Nork 2 once per day and you will receive a choice of fun bonuses! (Please email us with suggestions for different ones!) Current ones include free quirk points, party leadership points, primal and arcane quirks/abilities. Low level players can even receive bonuses to str agil a...

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