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    Sullen Keep is Live!

    26 January 2016 , by blineberger

    Sullen Keep is now live for player feedback and tuning! Join us in Premium NL for the testing process, and participate in the development of this new expansion!

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    Upcoming Expansion

    18 January 2016 , by blineberger

    We are excited to announce an upcoming POST SDC expansion, “Sullen Keep” This area will be for levels 85-90, and will be geared towards a “mini boss” experience than a large “Lair Creature” experience. There are some new twists on damage types, lots of levels, quests, armor and progression that we think will be e...

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    Game Update

    11 February 2015 , by blineberger

    – Several stubborn host side bugs have been squashed, including loss of scenario progression access, “scry” and “sense” issues with twigs, and other core issues surrounding creature scripts – The “final” temple encounter in the nameless lands now will allow eligible players to reach level 5 in tree hu...

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