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    Play Drakkar for FREE!

    6 December 2016 , by blineberger

    The Nork 1, Aleria and Cobrahn scenarios are now available to FREE players! Additionally, previously subscribed players can now play without subscription! (assuming no account balance) Check out the forums for more details!

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    Refuge Testing Now Open To All...

    12 November 2016 , by blineberger

    Invader’s Refuge testing is now available to all subscribers! (With NL Access) Grab the client at http://www.kingdomofdrakkar.com/downloads/DrakkarLobbyInstallerTest.exe

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    Invader’s Refuge officia...

    18 October 2016 , by blineberger

    Due to the massive size and creature count, Invader’s Refuge is now officially a seperate scenario from the Nameless Lands. Please check out the forums for details!

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